He Loves Me

I like daisies; they remind me of being a child. I would lie in the grass and pull off each petal one at a time alternating with the words, “he loves me…he loves me not…he loves me…he loves me not…” always hoping that with the last petal the words would be – “he loves me”. There was never a specific ‘he’ in my mind, it was just the hope that somebody somewhere did love me.

As an abandoned child dealing with the emotional effects of rejection; I always struggled with believing that someone could actually love me because if my own mother who had given me birth could walk away from me, why would anyone else want or love me.

So, now you may be wondering why I like daisies if it seems they would remind me of a ‘sadness’, but, the reason is because I now know without a doubt, that no matter how many petals I pluck or what words I may end with – I AM Loved. God loves me – always and unconditionally.

It’s taken a lifetime for me to know it AND believe it, but once I stopped looking to people in an effort to try and know or understand love and instead let Him in all the way, choosing to trust Him no matter what, I have experienced Love and acceptance that has changed the way I see others, and He has taught me to confidently love others the way He loves me, and I no longer fear rejection.

And it’s this confidence of His love for me that keeps me trusting, or in some situations, brings me back to trusting Him because I know that He wants what is best for me. It always comes back to KNOWING God, and Trusting Him no matter what.

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About jmichelle7

I love God, and I'm learning to love people. I've lived an interesting, somewhat adventurous life, and at the age of fifty-something, I'm finally starting to see the beauty in how it all comes together to create a wonderful journey to share with others. I've had the privilege of raising 4 children, all who have become amazing adults who are now living their own adventurous, faith-filled lives. I view the world around me through the lens of Truth found in the Holy Bible. I try to see people the way that Jesus does, while at the same time, try to afford myself that same grace as I continue living one day at a time in a world that is broken and lost without Him. I enjoy outdoor activities, quality time with friends and family, laughter, and quiet times of reading, thinking, and writing. I find my inspiration from other people's stories and experiences, and I gain happiness and fulfillment when I encourage others to look to God to find their peace and hope in Him. I have a simple motto; Live fully in the present, Laugh often and Love sincerely.
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